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The Unread Initiative’s World in Our Eyes Podcast

Featuring hosts Jessica Yu and Allison Zheng, the World in Our Eyes Podcast will take you on an adventure from a different point of view on various topics ranging from politics to pop culture through the lens of two high schoolers looking to make a change in the world.

Episode 4: First-Generation Students in the United States The World In Our Eyes

The World in Our Eyes Podcast Episode 4 features host Larry Shi and special guest, Eileen Solorzano, The Unread Initiative's Director of Outreach and Expansion. Shi and Solorzano discuss the experiences of a first-generation student living in the United States, all while students' normal school lives were disrupted by COVID-19. To keep up with The Unread Initiative, follow us on Instagram @theunreadinitiative or visit our website at
  1. Episode 4: First-Generation Students in the United States
  2. Episode 3: The Continuation of Black Lives Matter and Mass Shootings in 2021
  3. Episode 2: Movements in Tandem and the Rise in AAPI Hate Crimes
  4. Episode 1: Current Events Talk on the Capitol Riots and COVID-19 Updates


Jessica Yu and Allison Zheng are both juniors in the Bay Area, California. As hosts of the Unread Initiative’s World in Our Eyes Podcast, they seek to become catalysts for change through their passions of journalism, activism, and more. Tune in to the podcast to listen to them discuss issues ranging from worldwide issues to interviews with guest speakers!

The World in Our Eyes Podcast is produced by Head of Publications and Creativity Kaitlyn Wang.

Jessica Yu

Allison Zheng

The World In Our Eyes

By Alyssa Jackson

Do you feel like yelling about it on the internet? We’re here to help. Beach Too Sandy, Water Too Wet features dramatic readings of one-star reviews written by people who just need to have their voice heard.

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Mass Cremations in India

As India’s second wave of Covid-19 sweeps through the country, Bodies have piled up as people wait endlessly for beds and oxygen supplies. Now, weeks later, the Indian capital has run out of space for burial, with some sites working non-stop as death rates surge. New Delhi’s public parks and parking lots operate as mass […]

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The Olympics 2021 Debate

There are roughly 100 days to go until the Tokyo Olympics, but there has been fanfare on whether or not the games should continue because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The coronavirus has proved fatal and Japan is struggling to contain the virus. Furthermore, a surge in cases has erupted in major countries around the world, […]

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Transgender Bans on Sports

In the United States, during the 2021 legislative session, 34 states are considering prohibiting transgender girls from participating in interscholastic sports teams. Joining Idaho as the first to do so in 2020, Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, and South Dakota have also passed prohibitions and enacted the bans into law. Soon after, in Florida, lawmakers passed […]

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Vaccination Ethics

First appeared in 1798, vaccines have played important roles in many global public health successes. From the eradication of smallpox to HPV vaccine, vaccination is recognized as the most effective method in preventing infectious diseases. Yet, vaccination has been subject to many controversies, with ethical debates revolving their development and regulation.  Vaccine Policies In the […]

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