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The Unread Initiative’s World in Our Eyes Podcast

Featuring hosts Jessica Yu and Allison Zheng, the World in Our Eyes Podcast will take you on an adventure from a different point of view on various topics ranging from politics to pop culture through the lens of two high schoolers looking to make a change in the world.

Episode 5: Current Events Talk on the Delta Variant and Racism in Sports The World In Our Eyes

The World in Our Eyes Podcast Episode 5 features hosts Brandon Sun and Kaitlyn Wang discussing the significance of COVID-19's Delta variant in the United States and the impacts of rising debates in the sports world. To keep up with The Unread Initiative, follow us on Instagram @theunreadinitiative or visit our website at
  1. Episode 5: Current Events Talk on the Delta Variant and Racism in Sports
  2. Episode 4: First-Generation Students in the United States
  3. Episode 3: The Continuation of Black Lives Matter and Mass Shootings in 2021
  4. Episode 2: Movements in Tandem and the Rise in AAPI Hate Crimes
  5. Episode 1: Current Events Talk on the Capitol Riots and COVID-19 Updates


Jessica Yu and Allison Zheng are both juniors in the Bay Area, California. As hosts of the Unread Initiative’s World in Our Eyes Podcast, they seek to become catalysts for change through their passions of journalism, activism, and more. Tune in to the podcast to listen to them discuss issues ranging from worldwide issues to interviews with guest speakers!

The World in Our Eyes Podcast is produced by Head of Publications and Creativity Kaitlyn Wang.

Jessica Yu

Allison Zheng

The World In Our Eyes

By Alyssa Jackson

Do you feel like yelling about it on the internet? We’re here to help. Beach Too Sandy, Water Too Wet features dramatic readings of one-star reviews written by people who just need to have their voice heard.

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A Guide to Taxes, Voting and Civic Responsibilities

No matter where you are from, or what citizenship you have, there are a few duties and responsibilities that every person has. These include doing taxes, voting, and civic participation, including mandatory military service in certain countries. Even though the processes differ between each country, everyone should know the basic overview of their civic responsibilities. […]

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The War of Afghanistan

For more than four decades, the country of Afghanistan has been wracked by political turmoil, instability and conflict. In August 2021, this culminated into violence, death and uncertainty for the Afghans. On August 15th, the Taliban, an Islamist organization often regarded as terrorists, defiantly overthrew the government, causing President Ashraf Ghani to flee and sending […]

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The Inclusivity of Asian Films and Entertainment

Media and films are much more than just means of entertainment; they have a powerful impact on how we comprehend and build our society, because of their way of storytelling. Through the passage of time, the entertainment industry has evolved for the better to be more inclusive. In fact, Asian and Asian American representation in […]

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Naomi Osaka, Simone Biles and Mental Health in Sports

Simone Biles and Naomi Osaka have made news headlines this year for spearheading conversation about the importance of mental health for female athletes. A few months ago, Japanese tennis player Osaka decided to withdraw from a press conference and then the French Open for mental health purposes. In the last week of July, at the […]

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