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Myanmar’s Military Coup and the Fight for Democracy

February 1st, 2021 — the initiation of severe political unrest in Myanmar and a day that is far from what Burmese citizens have been dreaming of. On this day, following the National League for Democracy (NLD) Party’s landslide victory in the election that took place in November of 2020, Myanmar’s military has seized power and […]

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Pop Culture

9 Most Credible News Sources

1. BBC News The British Broadcasting Corporation, more commonly known as BBC, is the world’s oldest news broadcasting service and is now one of the largest news services worldwide. Funded by the British government, BBC has earned a notable reputation for unbiased and accurate news reporting. According to the Pew Research Center’s 2014 Trustworthiness Study, […]

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Overpopulation and Overconsumption

Overpopulation — a phenomenon in which the number of people surpasses a specific threshold, such as the maximum carrying capacity of a place. As the human population has been inclined towards a rapid increase over time, overpopulation is singled out and seen by many as a threat that hinders global development. Regardless, is it merely […]

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