Larry Shi

Larry Shi (he/him) is an Executive Director at The Unread Initiative. Currently a senior at Mission San Jose High School in California, Larry is heavily involved both in school and outside. He is a second year staff writer and News copy editor at the Smoke Signal and an editor for Writer’s Block, his school’s student-to-student editing service. Also, he is a member of the Boys Tennis Team and LEO Club at his school, serving in the Activities Committee in the latter. Outside of school, Larry is proud to be a two-time performer at Carnegie Hall, New York, winning the Little Mozart’s Competition and the  Crescendo Competition. Some of Larry’s other musical achievements include completing Level 10 for the Certificate of Merit for piano and placing in the Percussive Arts Society Percussive Competition for multiple years. He has also received a National Gold Medal for his creative writing in the Scholastic Art and Writing Competition in 2019. Being an Executive Director at The Unread Initiative, Larry oversees day to day operations of the editorial and is responsible for the management of all of the contents’ release. In Larry’s free time, you can often find him practicing for his next competitions, on a nearby tennis court practicing, or taking a nap at a random time in the day.

Jessica Yu

Jessica Yu (she/her) is an Executive Director at The Unread Initiative. She is currently a senior at Mission San Jose High School in the San Francisco Bay Area. As the Executive Director, Jessica co-supervises and oversees day to day operations and expansions for the organization. Outside of The Unread Initiative, Jessica currently serves as the Chief Finance Officer for Tri-City Band corps, a student run 501(c)(3). Combining her passion for business and affinity for writing, she is the Director of Accounting at her school’s DECA Chapter as well as a Features Intern at a local newspaper The Tri-City Voice. She is also a first year staff writer at The Smoke Signal. Her experience in activism includes working with grassroots fundraising as Associative Director of Fundraising at GENup and teaching financial literacy as a Financial Literacy Ambassador. Jessica co-founded The Unread Initiative to help spread youth awareness and amplify youth voices across the world. In her spare time, you can find her playing with her corgi, hanging out with friends, and listening or producing music.

Kaitlyn Wang

Kaitlyn Wang (she/her) an Executive Director and the podcast producer of TUI’s The World in Our Eyes Podcast. She is currently a senior at Mission San Jose High School in California. As the Head of Publications and Creativity, she manages the structure and design of our newsletters, articles, publication platform, and more. Having played badminton since first grade, she has earned several titles in international and national-level competitions. She is also a member of the MSJ varsity badminton team and a former coach. Aside from athletics, she is involved in numerous volunteering programs that revolve around low-income students and children with special needs. As a member of her school’s principal advisory committee, she advocates for changes in her school environment that benefit students’ mental health and work ethics. In her free time, she enjoys painting, traveling, napping, and playing with her pet cat.

Brandon Sun

Brandon Sun (he/him) is the Head of Operations at the Unread Initiative. He is a senior at Mission San Jose High School in the San Francisco Bay Area. As the Head of Operations, Brandon oversees and manages all tasks that other members are currently enacting. It is his job to make sure that everyone is assigned a task and that everything is being done on time and efficiently. In school, Brandon is a part of the school’s DECA Chapter, Junior Representative for MSJ Key Club, and a cross country/track and field athlete. Outside of school, Brandon is a trombonist in the California Youth Symphony (CYS) and tutors young students in math under the Bridge Road International (BRI) Foundation. Brandon was accepted into the Aspiring Scholars Directed Research Program (ASDRP) during his sophomore summer, where he studied the effectiveness of benfotiamine prodrugs and various other compounds on diabetes through in vitro and in vivo assays. In his spare time, Brandon enjoys watching anime, riding his electric skateboard, and hanging out with friends.

Nicole Lee

Nicole Lee (she/her) is an Head of Graphic Design at The Unread Initiative. She is a senior at Irvington High School attending their Arts Magnet program in the San Francisco Bay Area. As Head of Graphic Design at The Unread Initiative, Nicole produces graphics and creates illustrations for articles on Instagram and on the Unread Initiative website. Her passion for graphic design and illustration has led her to become an active member of clubs and organizations to enrich her local community in visual arts. Nicole currently serves as a Media and Visualizations member on the IHS Associated Student Body and a Publicity member on her Senior Class Council. She is also the vice-president of XOOM Club, an arts and literary magazine, and the Publicity Head for the Visual Arts and Music Society (VAMS) Club. Outside of school, Nicole has taught art to young kids at Grimmer Elementary’s After School Program and Rainbow Loop Education. She has also attended numerous selective summer programs at prestigious art colleges and universities including Rhode Island School of Design, Pratt Institute, and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she was trained under professionals in the art field. In her spare time, Nicole can be found collecting stickers, trying out new boba tea flavors, and taking care of the succulents in her room. 

Allison Zheng

son Zheng (she/her) is the Head of Marketing and Outreach and The Unread Initiative. She is a senior at Mission San Jose High School in the San Francisco Bay Area. As the Head of Marketing and Outreach, she fosters connections with other organizations and manages social media platforms, such as Instagram and LinkedIn. Since the age of 4, she has been skating and competing at the national and international level. Allison has won numerous awards, most notably earning 6th place at the 2019 United States National Championship and 3rd at the 2019 North American Cup. She has pursued her passion for art and business through DECA, and by starting her own small business as a creator on Etsy. In terms of activism, she supports non profits and causes by donating a portion of her profits to various organizations including The Trevor Project, NAACP, and The Joslin Diabetes Center. Through The Unread Initiative, she hopes to pursue her interests in business and working with others to create change.

Nicole Liu

Nicole Liu (she/her) is an Head of Graphic Design at The Unread Initiative. She is a junior currently attending Basis in the San Francisco Bay Area. Nicole is responsible for creating both instagram and website graphics as well as contributing sketches for future articles. Since the age of 7, she has been a member of Crystal Children’s Choir and has performed at Carnegie Hall and Anaheim along with multiple music festivals including the International Choral Kathaumixw and Vienna Choral Festival. In addition to choir, Nicole has also completed Level 10 for the Certificate of Merit for piano. She is the libero for both the school varsity volleyball team and her outside club team. During her free time, you can find Nicole learning anime OSTs on the piano, packaging letters for her pen pals, or tending to her two dumpy tree frogs.

Johnny Ni

Johnny Ni (he/him) is the Head of Staff at the Unread Initiative. He is passionately involved with technology and entrepreneurship, as well as political activism in today’s world. He’s a competitive programmer, hackathon organizer, and artificial intelligence developer, working with machine learning and computer vision detection. Johnny plans on incorporating aspects of technology with entrepreneurship along with aspects of activism, developing startups tech and business management! He is an organizer for Harvard’s Policy For the People organization, as well as a programmer that has developed apps on social good and deep learning!

Joy Ng

Joy Ng (she/her) is the Head of Content at The Unread Initiative. She is a form 5 student at Good Hope School in Hong Kong. As the Head of Content, Joy oversees the development and optimization of the content department. She ensures that the whole content department is up to date for production of relevant and relatable content. In school, Joy is the Captain of her school’s English Debating Team and the President of the Toastmaster Youth Leadership Programme. She has joined numerous debating and public speaking competitions, notably the HKSSDC Debate Competition the HKFYG English Public Speaking Contest. Aside from debating and public speaking, she is involved in volunteering programs that revolve around low-income families and environmental awareness. In terms, of advocacy, Joy is very passionate about many social issues, specifically socioeconomic and environmental advocacy, gender equality and mental health awareness. In her spare time, Joy enjoys playing piano, reading, and hanging out with friends.

Eileen Solorzano

Eileen Solorzano (she/her) is the Head of Finance & Fundraising at The Unread Initiative. She is a senior at Ramona High School in California. As the Head of Finance and Fundraising, she manages finances and helps fundraising for our organization’s expenses ranging from website development to any money related operations. In school, Eileen is her Yearbook’s Photo Editor where she combines her love of Journalism and Photography to oversee the projection of her school’s Yearbook. In addition, Eileen’s biggest project she has been involved in was becoming the Riverside GENup’s Chapter President where she had created a whole Riverside Chapter of Generation Up. In GENup, she introduces her passion for advocacy by working at a local and district level to enact policy changes, empower student voices, and uncover societal issues within her school district. She is also her school’s Vice President for the National Honor Society as she manages meetings and activities for other members. Furthermore, she was also labeled as her Cross Country Junior Varsity’s Team Captain. Outside of school, she is renowned for her Photography work where she engages her artistic talent to challenge herself everyday. She has taken several Photography College Classes and hopes to one day become a Professional and Freelance Photographer. Other than that, she also enjoys journaling, writing poetry, and participation in civic engagement. In Eileen’s free time, you can often find her often jamming out to her favorite artist Post Malone or watching the latest Netflix Show.

Bhumika Marmat

Bhumika Marmat (she/her) is the Head of Diversity and Inclusion and a staff writer at The Unread Initiative. She is currently a junior at St. Mary’s Convent School in Ujjain, India. As the Head of Diversity and Inclusion, she looks after maintaining a diverse team and a healthy atmosphere. Outside of TUI, she is a junior editor at a local daily and the founder of Exhale, a non-profit for mental health awareness. She is also heavily involved in activism and volunteering as the ideation head at a local chapter of Fridays for Future, student volunteer at Robinhood army, administrative assistant at sewa bharti and chapter present of period, Ujjain. She is also the captain of the school volleyball and badminton teams, a national level abacus merit, gandharva scholar in hindustani classical music and kathak, a community builder at quantum computing India and a debater. Her artistic achievements include earning 4th position in the state in anuvrat’s fine arts contest and 2nd in semiclassical choir singing competition. She is really passionate towards learning new skills and extracting lessons from any activity. Her areas of intrigue and experimentation vary from stand up comedy in middle school to researching graphene, membrane gas separators and QML in quarantine. In her free time, you will probably see her singing to herself, composing and writing songs, reading books, cooking, taking really long naps at weird day times, preparing for olympiads, JEE and other competitions, browsing youtube and netflix, joining random debates on the internet and chilling to piano classics.

Hannah Park

Hannah Park (she/her) is the Head of Communications and Social Media and currently a high school junior living in California. As the Head of Communications and Social Media, she is responsible for managing communication throughout the Unread Initiative. She creates communication and organization strategies to ensure all members are in a state of proactiveness. In school, Hannah is the Editor in Chief of her school’s newspaper program (Trojan Times) where their goal is to give a platform for students to express their opinions, as well as advocate for diversity in the school. Hannah is also the president of my school’s Key Club as well as the EA for Public Relations in the D44S division. She is able to help students gain leadership skills as well as manage social media to spread important information. Hannah is the director of the GDR project for my school’s sports marketing program (TPSM) where she is able to work with athletes to bring entertaining content to students. Before she moved to a different city, Hannah used to be a member of the Young Leaders Council of Imaginefest in Malibu, California where she worked with students and organizations to promote a yoga music festival (and charity gala), that raised awareness for sex trafficking. During her free time, you can find Hannah working on my blog, scrolling through Pinterest, or attending local rallies!

Jeremy Wu

Jeremy Wu (he/him) is the Head of Technology and Development at The Unread Initiative. He is a sophomore at Lynbrook high school. Outside of school, he is a Supervisor at Summit Tutoring, where he leads a team of 15 tutors, and maintains a Discord bot he coded. He also enjoys socializing with others and conducting independent research. He is the sole author of an academic publication published in Unicef’s Greater Development Commons, where he discusses the impact of Information and Communications Technology on Italy’s Sustainable development goals. He enjoys coding and has made some image classifiers along with a regression program to predict CO2E emissions. Currently, he is working on an app to assist the blind and is open to any new machine learning ideas. He also enjoys investing, and regularly visits wallstreetbets, where he receives top-notch financial advice.

Abbey Kulasingham

Abbey Kulasingham (she/her) is an Associative Director of Graphic Design and Logistics at The Unread Initiative. She is currently in her junior year of high school in Toronto, Ontario. Abbey is heavily involved within her community; she never hesitates to take on volunteering positions and partakes in extra-curricular activities such as club presidencies in her school, student representative positions, and a member of several non-profit organizations. Abbey is very passionate about several social justice issues, she brings awareness to racial
inequality, environmental issues and is a prominent advocate in mental health and wellness, Abbey has recently joined her school’s debate and wellness team in hopes to strengthen her advocacy and knowledge on such topics. Not only is she extremely passionate about social justice and the amplification of youth’s voices on worldwide issues but she is passionate about the arts. Abbey is persistent in using her artistic skill to amplify important issues and provide awareness to prominent issues around the world. Abbey has been a high-achiever at an extremely young age, she is academically and artistically inclined whether that be in the visual arts as she focuses on the portrayal of hyperrealism or strengthening her musicality through effectively composing melodies or practicing one of her four instruments in preparation for concerts hosted by her school or competitions. In her spare time you may find Abbey spending time with friends, reading or producing melodies or even going on walks with her german shepherd.