Althea Ocomen

Althea Ocomen (she/her) is an Editor-in-Chief at the Unread Initiative. She is a high school student from the Philippines who is extremely passionate about contributing to society. She is an avid reader, an empowered writer, and a persistent advocate of change. She has joined multiple non- profit organizations such as the Urban Garden Initiative, and the Purple Hearts project. In her free time, you can see her sitting on the couch and watching Netflix.

Suhani Agrawal

Suhani Agrawal (she/her) is an Editor-In-Chief of The Unread Initiative. She is currently a high school senior in India doing the IB Diploma. She is heavily involved in journalism and has articles published in various online publications. As someone interested in social science research, she has also helped in the scriptwriting of the Coronavirus Visualization Podcast as well as the Advocates for Universal Change Podcast. She has also been a senior intern at educational platform RoundPier, where she worked alongside the Co-Founder on various marketing ventures and helped organize literary contests. Her academic interests are economics, law, and politics, and she hopes to study these subjects at a university level starting next fall. As a trained singer from Trinity College London, you will most likely find her at a piano or in her at-home studio. When she is not singing or writing, she loves hanging out with her dog, watching movies, and reading.

Tiana Thwin

Tiana Thwin (she/her) is the Head Staff Writer at the Unread Initiative. Currently a freshman studying at the Yangon International School in Myanmar, she is passionately involved in a myriad of extracurriculars, not only in school, but outside of school as well. Tiana is an active member of different non-profit organizations in school, such as one that aims to enhance education opportunities called Building Blocks, one that helps promote environmental sustainability called Environment 360, and one that focuses on feminism and women empowerment called RISE. Throughout her middle school years, her love for debating, writing, and collaboration has led her to being apart of the World Scholar’s Cup for two years, and her constant devotion and eagerness to making a difference to the world has encouraged her to get involved in Model United Nations conferences, where she fervently discusses resolutions to prominent issues in the world today. Tiana is also a current ambassador of Our Future of Change, which strives to put an end to human trafficking, and Aspiring Students, which leads high school students to success. In her leisure time, you will most likely find Tiana eyeing at the pages of a book, singing as she plays the ukulele, documenting her notable memories in her scrapbook, doing TikTok dances, or happily playing with her Pomeranian.

Sreelakshmi Manoj

Sreelakshmi Manoj (she/her) is a staff writer at the Unread Initiative and is currently a senior in high school from Kerala, India. Through her work in the Unread Initiative, she hopes to send out the student’s perspective about various issues plaguing the world right now. She is heavily involved in youth organizations advocating for change and fighting for equality. Sreelakshmi has been practicing classical dances since the age of 8 and has performed in various venues around her state. She is an active participant in Quiz Competitions and has won several Regional, State and Inter-State Competitions. In her down time, Sreelakshmi enjoys reading fiction, watching creepy horror movies and listening to music.

Lindsay Wong

Lindsay Wong (she/her) is a staff writer at The Unread Initiative. She is currently in her first full-time role as a content producer for a social enterprise after graduating from the University of Melbourne in December 2020 with a Bachelor of Arts, double majoring in history and Asian studies. In high school, Lindsay was an IB student on the brain bowl and varsity debate team. During her time at university, she was heavily involved in student media as a contributor and sub-editor for various publications, paving the way for her passion in writing and the editorial field. She was also the co-editor of Chariot, her university’s undergraduate history journal, for two consecutive years. In the past few years, Lindsay has completed a few editorial and marketing internships – she even travelled to Japan for free as part of her editorial internship to write a travel blog. In her free time, Lindsay enjoys watching anime and listening to K-pop.