9 Most Credible News Sources

1. BBC News

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The British Broadcasting Corporation, more commonly known as BBC, is the world’s oldest news broadcasting service and is now one of the largest news services worldwide. Funded by the British government, BBC has earned a notable reputation for unbiased and accurate news reporting. According to the Pew Research Center’s 2014 Trustworthiness Study, BBC was one of the highly-rated news sources. 

BBC came into existence starting on January 1, 1927 in Westminster, London. During the Second World War, after the suspension of television broadcasting, BBC was able to broadcast news worldwide, due to its advancement in shortwave radio technology. In Europe, the BBC European Service gathers current events and useful information associated with the war in English, and its broadcasts play a notable role in the life and culture of the British, as they helped reunite the nation. BBC is also highly responsible for news coverage on the BBC News Channel in the United Kingdom, besides its international channel.

Recent Articles: 

“Alexei Navalny: Hundreds detained in protests across Russia”

“Coronavirus: EU vaccine woes mount as new delays emerge”

2. The New York Times

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The New York Times is a daily American newspaper with a worldwide audience, separated into different categories such as politics, business, science, health, and more. Because of its excellence in journalism, the news broadcast has won 130 Pulitzer Prizes and ranked 18th in the world, and third in the United States by circulation.  

Founded on September 18, 1851 in New York City, The New York Times published a Sunday edition, offering daily coverage of the American Civil War in 1861. Despite its office being attacked during the New York City draft riots, the newspaper’s influence grew after it switched from supporting Republican Party candidates to being more politically independent, yet analytical. The New York Times started its digital production process around the 1980s.The New York Times is mainly not only focused on news within New York and the United States but also focuses on international news. 

Recent Articles: 

“New Pandemic Plight: Hospitals Are Running Out of Vaccines”

“Trump’s Last-Minute Pardon Frees Man Still Facing Accusations of Violence”

3. The Guardian

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The Guardian is a daily British newspaper owned by the Guardian Media Group in Manchester, England. This newspaper has an online edition and two international websites, such as Guardian US and Guardian Australia. Scoring the highest for digital-content news, The Guardian’s paper-print edition was found to be one of the most trusted news sources in the UK, according to a report of a poll by the Publishers Audience Measurement Company (PAMCo) in December 2018.

Founded in 1821, The Guardian opposed slavery, supporting free trade during the period of slavery and the American Civil War. Decades ago, The Guardian has once been accused of bias towards the Israeli government policy and bias against the Palestinians. In August 1959, the name of the newspaper was changed from The Manchester Guardian, and this change reflected on the growing importance of international and national affairs in the newspaper.The Guardian is mostly focused on news within the United Kingdom, but also consists of a variety of news worldwide. 

Recent Articles: 

“Doctors call for shorter gap between Pfizer Covid vaccine doses in UK”

“Summer holidays canceled? UK faces big decision on border”

4. The Financial Times

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The Financial Times is an international daily newspaper that is printed in broadsheet and published digitally, owned by Nikkei, a Japanese company. Being one the oldest broadsheets in the world, The Financial Times is able to maintain a good reputation for delivering unbiased and impartial news regarding politics, economics, business, and more. 

The Financial Times was founded in 1888 in London, England, and began printing on light pink paper in 1893 to distinguish it from another news source with a similar name, The Financial News. In the 1970s, after the increase in capital flows and cross-border trade, The Financial Times began international expansion. Ever since, it has become a global newspaper, printed in 22 locations.The Financial Times delivers international news from around the world, but its news are mostly focused on financial journalism and economic analysis. 

Recent Articles: 

“Biden team warns there is ‘no substitute’ for $1.9tn stimulus bill”

“Oslo locks down after deaths linked to new coronavirus variant”

5. The Economist

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The Economist is a weekly international newspaper that is digitally printed in a magazine format, delivering news regarding current affairs, international business, politics, and technology. As of 2016, The Economist has received and reached an audience of 35 million across their social media platforms and features as one of the least biased news sources. 

The Economist was founded in 1843 in London, England, and the first issue of the newspaper was published as a broadsheet newspaper before turning into a perfect-bound weekly paper in 1971. The Economist was accused of hacking into the computer of Justice Mohammed Nizamul Huq from the Bangladesh Supreme Court.The Economist consists of international news worldwide but its news is mostly focused on data journalism and analysis over original reporting. 

Recent Articles: 

“Joe Biden is taking executive action at a record pace”

“America’s vaccination roll-out will improve with practice”

6. The Wall Street Journal

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The Wall Street Journal is an American international daily newspaper, with editions also available in Chinese and Japanese. Well known for reporting news as they are, The Wall Street Journal acknowledges both sides of the political spectrum. It is confirmed that this newspaper presents unbiased news coverage, and has almost equal coverage across the political spectrum, according to the 2014 Pew Research Center Study.

The Wall Street Journal was first issued in 1889 in New York City, and became more well-known in the 1940s, which was a period of industrial expansion for the United States and its financial institutions in New York. The Wall Street Journal Online, was then launched in 1996 and has allowed access merely by subscription since the beginning, and was believed to be the largest paid-subscription news site in 2007.The Wall Street Journal delivers international news across the world, but is mostly focused on the United States.

Recent Articles: 

“On the 100th Anniversary of ‘Robot,’ They’re Finally Taking Over”

“Tech Giants Apple, Microsoft and Tesla Headline a Busy Earnings Week”

7. The Christian Science Monitor

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The Christian Science Monitor is a nonprofit news organization that publishes both digitally and a weekly print edition, founded by the Church of Christ, Scientist. Although The Christian Science Monitor runs fewer stories, these stories are highly in-depth. It has gained a strong reputation, maintaining its independence from mainstream media corporations.

The Christian Science Monitor was founded in 1908 in Boston, Massachusetts, and received opposition regarding the inclusion of a religion in its name, as the religious reference might push back a secular audience. In 1986, it started producing a current affairs television series, which was shown across the United States and won a Peabody Award for reports on Islamic fundamentalism.The Christian Science Monitor reports news from across the world, but is mostly focused on the United States.

Recent Articles: 

“How does a 50-50 Senate work? Two leaders who tried it explain.”

“Can Biden translate plea for unity from rhetoric to reality?”

8. The Associated Press

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The Associated Press is an American non-profit news agency, in which news reports are produced in English, Spanish, and Arabic. It has received 53 Pulitzer Prizes and has always been a clear and unbiased source of news journalism and reporting. In fact, most journalists seek their own stories to report on from The Associated Press.

The Associated Press was founded in 1846 by five daily newspapers in New York City, transmitting news regarding the Mexican-American War. Beginning to distribute news to radio stations, it entered the broadcast field in 1942 and created its own radio network in 1974.The Associated Press reports international news worldwide, but is mostly focused on the United States.

Recent Articles: 

“Supporters’ words may haunt Trump at impeachment trial”

“Democrats make federal election standards a top priority”

9. Reuters

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Reuters is an international news organization and one of the largest news agencies worldwide. It is an unbiased and neutral news outlet with accurate reporting, and its news are written in a straightforward way. Reuters is proven to be one of the most unbiased sources, according to AllSides, Media Bias Fact Check, and The Economist’s report. 

Founded in 1851 in London, Reuters expanded into the Far East in 1872 and South America in 1874. Reuters gathered news of the erection of the Berlin Wall and was one of the first agencies to transmit financial data over oceans through computers in the 1960s.

Recent Articles: 

“Police clamp down on Russian protests against the jailing of Kremlin foe Navalny”

“Iran to begin COVID-19 vaccinations in coming weeks: President Rouhani”







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