Why Apoliticism is a Problem

“To abstain from politics is in itself a political attitude.”

– Simone DeBeauvoir

Apoliticism is a privilege not many can afford. However, there are many people out there who choose to disengage from civil political discourse on the basis of multiple reasons such as fear of being shunned because of their unpopular opinions, sheer disinterest in government or ignorance. 

When you express how tired you are of political discussions or how the actions of the presiding President or ruling party are not affecting you in any way, you are exhibiting your privilege. It is necessary to care about and speak on issues (in any way you can) that are affecting marginalized or minority groups even if they have no direct implications on your life because it is your responsibility. Although LGBTQIA+ rights and the Muslim ban won’t affect a white straight cisgender American, it is his/her duty to speak up for those who are being oppressed from their position of privilege. By choosing to remain silent or neutral in these situations which violate basic human rights, you are actually making a political statement in favour of the oppressor.  You can use your voice in many ways such as volunteering for a political campaign, signing/creating petitions, protesting and, most importantly, voting. It is imperative to educate today’s youth on politics and its intersection with everyday life in order to give way for a generation that is knowledgeable and willing to act in the best interests of their nation and the world. This would be through encouraging them to consume content that is academically enriching and not “whitewashed” or tampered. 

It shouldn’t take an election to stir people from apolitical slumber, but we should hold our representatives and the people in power accountable all the time and to ensure that equal rights are given to all people. Being politically knowledgeable, at the very least, is a responsibility for all citizens of the world.





Suhani Agrawal

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