Biden’s Clever Marketing

The 2020 Presidential Campaign is currently, without a doubt, the highlight of America’s hectic year as 2020 finally approaches an end. Due to complications rising from the pandemic and numerous other unexpected events, the controversy is as prevalent as ever, and both candidates are making every effort to address and acknowledge the needs of the people as election day draws near. Nonetheless, Joe Biden is successfully winning the hearts of millions of Gen Z voters through several gripping marketing strategies introduced below:

1. Appeal to the Younger Demographic

Several celebrities, such as Stephen Curry, Cardi B, MIchael B. Jordan, The Rock, and President Barack Obama, have appeared in Biden’s campaign ads to inspire young voters to support and vote like their idols. Most recently, an Avengers event (bottom right) was held on October 20th to support the Grassroots Fundraiser (left). Biden ended up breaking the fundraising record of $365 million after the first debate, raising more money in August than any past presidential candidate has in a single month.

2. Advertisements

Biden’s strategy of appealing to the dog-lover side of voters features past presidents who have had white house dogs such as George W. Bush and Bill Clinton. The advertisement (above) presents the message that owning dogs requires empathy, something Trump doesn’t have at all, through the closing message: “Choose Your Humans Wisely.” It also allows the audience to refer to the quote, “I’m suspicious of people who don’t like dogs, but I trust a dog when it doesn’t like a person.” (Fun fact: President Trump is the first president in a century to not own a dog.)

Millions of young voters related to his humorous tweet (above) as Tiktoks of this ad went viral.

3. Merchandise

One of Biden’s shirts (left) makes a joke on the first presidential debate in which Biden asked Trump to shut up after multiple interruptions. Expectedly, news of Biden’s merchandise spread as related Tiktoks went viral.

In light of Trump’s recent tax report, Biden’s marketing team released more t-shirts for supporters to buy. This time, the t-shirts played a joke on how the average American has paid more in taxes than Trump. To put this in perspective, a single adult without kids making $18,000 would have had to pay more.

4. Social Media is a shortcut for, a website that helps voters sign up and ensure that they’re registered to vote. It also teaches people know how to vote and how to learn more about voting. The name comes from a pun about the fly that rested on Vice President Mike Pence’s head during the Vice Presidential debate. 

Additionally, Biden’s marketing team released new merchandise — a flyswatter.

The tweet advertising the product had a clever caption that said, “Don’t Let This Debate Buzz Off,” leaving a deep impression on voters. Fly memes spread quickly after the vice presidential debate all over social media such as Twitter, Tiktok, and Instagram.

5. Animal Crossing Campaign

The final finishing touch of Biden’s clever campaign was the launch of yard signs for ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Players can access these designs by using QR scanner on Nintendo Switch Online app, and they can visit Biden’s island “Biden HQ” at DA – 7286 – 5710 -7478. 

Some special features include poll booths, a Biden figure, ice cream, Team Joe posters, mugs, offices, Joe Biden yard signs, and more. Players can also create other merchandise based on the designs. The rising popularity Animal Crossing: New Horizons among younger voters during quarantine definitely gave a boost for Biden’s innovative campaign.

Ultimately, the undeniably creative, clear and innovative Biden Harris campaign made a strong grasp on America’s younger voters through clever uses of branding, marketing, and advertising that targeted GEN Z and Millennial’s humor. Now, the nation will have to wait and see whether Biden’s immense efforts pay off.


Jessica Yu

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