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The Difference Between Equity & Equality in Education

Education is one of the most significant foundations of gaining a happy, healthy, and sophisticated well-being, being an aspect of an individual’s life that is crucial for growth and development. The act of learning and the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, or beliefs are made easier through education. As the world keeps developing and as […]

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Pride Month and Its History

Pride Month is celebrated around the world every June. It is dedicated to celebrating LGBT communities and highlighting their stories and voices. In June, people come together to celebrate love, acceptance and equality for all, raise awareness of gay rights, and acknowledge the struggle that many LGBT communities still experience. Under normal circumstances, Pride Month […]

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Performative Activism

In a world consisting of prominent issues that influence society, there are many people who are willing to use their voice and make a change for the better through activism, through means ranging from social media to physical opposition. In light of this, as social justice issues gain attention and recognition around the world, performative […]

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